Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to use Netflix Party

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Watching movies in theaters after purchasing a ticket for every single movie has become a part of the old talk. The reason behind this nowadays is available streaming platforms that let you watch movies and shows unlimited after owning a subscription and choosing a plan. And one of them is Netflix, or Netflix Party, which is widely popular for its entertaining streaming movies, shows, series, documentaries, live news, sports, and much more. Moreover, to enjoy this streaming entertainment with your friends and close ones at your Netflix Watch Party, you only need to install the Netflix Party Extension and share it with them. 

Furthermore, the Netflix Party has a number of amazing features named global accessibility, adding members of up to 100, live group chat, sync seamlessly, controllability, personalization or customization, HD video streaming, etc. Therefore, to apply these features to your Watch Party in order to add the essence of amazement to it, following the below manual steps is the thing you need to do.    


How to Use a Netflix Party?

In order to begin your Netflix Party with your friends, you need to go through some below relevant steps. In short, you need to install and pin the Netflix Party extension, then log in carry-onwards with the login process. Further, select the streaming video and then create and share the Netflix Party extension to join the watch party. Now, if you want to explore these steps manually, following the downward information is meant for you.     


1. Extension Installation 

Firstly, you need to install the Netflix Watch party extension by clicking here, which is freely accessible. And before you do that, ensure to have a compatible web browser, either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. On the other hand, you must possess any of these devices, including Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS laptops/PCs, to install the Netflix Party extension.  

2. Pining for the Extension

Next, start by pinning the Netflix Watch Party extension to the toolbar. Suppose the Netflix Watch party extension icon doesn’t display; then click on the puzzle icon. Consequently, you can find the puzzle icon in the browser's top right corner. Afterward, pin the Netflix Watch Party extension over there to end the process. 

3. Netflix Account Login 

Now, being an existing user, you need to proceed further by login into your Netflix account. Apart from not being an existing user, are you new to Netflix or Netflix Party on TV? Then, you need to create your Netflix account after owning its subscription as well. Remember, it is compulsory for all the Watch party members to have their individual subscriptions to join the Watch Party. 

4. Start Search, Set, Play

Here, choose a streaming video and apply the search, set, and play options over it. Doing so enables you to watch all your favorite streaming shows and movies along with your distant and close ones.

5. Create the Netflix Watch Party

Afterward, you need to create the Netflix Watch Party link so that you can share it with your friends. And to make it happen, you need to click on the pinned Netflix party extension icon. Consequently, it will turn on a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” pop-up notification to open a “START A PARTY” button. Now, click on the button to create a watch party URL to share with your friends.

6. Share Watch Party Link

Further, it would help if you shared the Netflix Party or Watch Party link with other watch party members. So you can begin streaming movies and shows along with your friends and family at a watch party. Moreover, proceed further to join the watch party; after sharing the Netflix Party link.  

7. Join Watch Party 

The last step is joining your watch party so that you can connect yourself with the watch party in a real sense. And to do that, click on the Netflix Party link shared by the watch party host or your friend. Once you click on the shared link, it will directly take you to the Netflix Watch party to begin endless and entertaining full movie streaming. 

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