Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Host Netflix Party To Stream Movies With Distant Friends.

Netflix Party is the free extension capable of strengthening your bond with a special person despite miles. Distance does not matter with this extension; it enables you to arrange a watch party worldwide. Use this modern way to enjoy any Netflix video in sync and add as many people as you want to make beautiful memories with them through Netflix Party extension. Watch shows and movies in HD quality with your loved ones within a division of seconds. Moreover, add more fun to your virtual movie party with amazing integrated chat features. Amazed that how could a single extension be all-worthy? Just continue the reading to know how it works and more.

How to Host Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a user-friendly extension that is too easy to use, and anyone can host a virtual movie party hassle-free. Here is the explanation of how can you make it happen.

Install Netflix Party Extension To Host Virtual Movie Party:
Pin The Extension To The Toolbar
Log In To Your Official Netflix Account
Search, Select, Play, and Proceed
Host A Netflix Party

How To Join A Watch Party

To join a Netflix Party, you need to confirm the Netflix Party extension in your system. If you don’t have installed the extension, kindly download it. After installation, click on the invitation URL and log in to your Netflix account. Make sure your account is subscribed to make it run hassle-free. After logging in, you will be redirected to the watch party to join your friends, where you can burst all stress by having friends around.

Customise Profile And Stay Updated
Binge-Watch With your Distant Friends And Family
Complete Control On The Watch Party

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