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How to Log out of Netflix on TV

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Netflix is an online streaming service on which users can watch award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc., through the Internet. In this, you get to watch multiple types of movies, TV shows, documentaries etc. Every month some new movies, TV series and documentaries keep released here, which you can enjoy comfortably without TV. Stay connected with us to know the easiest way to log out of Netflix on TV. 

How to Stream Netflix From Phone to TV   

You can use AirPlay to cast Netflix on your iOS device. Before choosing the Netflix video, you should make sure that your TV is AirPlay compatible. After you start casting the video, it will start playing in a few seconds after casting. For this, you just need to open the Netflix app and press on the screencast symbol, which is a tiny white square with the Wi-Fi logo inside it.If your television lacks an integrated HDMI port, you can also connect your phone to your smart TV using a component video input. In this situation, an HDMI converter will be required to connect your Android phone to your TV. After connecting your phone to the television You can log into Netflix. Now, you can enjoy any Netflix content of your choice. You must have the Home app open and a Chromecast dongle set up on your phone before you can start casting videos. After installation, locate the Casting shortcut in the fast settings panel on your Android phone. Swipe down from the top of your Android device and search for the "Screen Cast" option to reach this shortcut easily.

How to Stream Netflix on TV through usb?

You might be wondering how to watch Netflix Party on your TV using your USB. There are many ways to enjoy Netflix from phone to Tv. One of them is Chromecast.To watch your preferred entertainment, simply connect it to the HDMI connection on your TV. You can watch all of your preferred Netflix shows and movies on your TV by using this method.On your Android phone, you must first enable the wireless display. There will be a Cast or Miracast input on your TV. To view the phone's display on your TV, select this input and then the screen cast option. Once you've made your decision, you may start watching your favourite television episodes and movies. Additionally, Bluetooth allows you to link your smartphone to your TV. You can also use your phone as a remote control and a gaming controller through the Bluetooth connection. You also require a USB cord. Smartphones typically include USB ports. You can use the USB cord of your device. Finally, make sure your TV has a USB input. If you have a smart tv, You can enable file transfers and screen mirroring. You should make sure that the cable you are using to connect your Android to the TV is HDMI and micro-USB compatible.

How to Log out of Netflix on TV ?

To log out of your Netflix account:

1. Start the Netflix app, then choose your Profile.

2.Press the remote's left key 

3.Scroll down and select the Get Help option available on the screen.

4.Choose Sign out.

5.Now, Verify the prompt to log out.


Netflix is emerging as one of the best online streaming platforms. It provides good quality content at affordable subscription plans. Currently, Netflix has more than 200 million paid subscribers worldwide and it is reaching out to more than 190 countries. The Vampire Diaries, Shadow and Bone, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance are popular Netflix shows everyone should watch. I hope You found this information useful. Thank you for staying connected with us till the end. 

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