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How to Create Netflix Group Watch Party and Benefits

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The primary thing you need to learn about the Netflix Group Watch Party is that it is a free and user-friendly extension. Besides, installing and using this Netflix Group Watch Party or Netflix party extension while streaming can strengthen your bond with those who stay far away from you. Moreover, the Netflix Party extension enables you to create a Netflix watch party with your friends. And to do so, you need to create and share the Netflix Party or Netflix watch party link with them. You can even stream Netflix Party on TV via a Netflix sign account. 

Furthermore, the Netflix Party extension has facilitated its users with options like HD streaming and seamless syncing. Adding on, you can even add up to more than 100 people at one time to stream different shows, movies, and other videos with them at your Netflix Group Watch Party or Netflix Party. Now, without any further delay, let’s begin exploring the Netflix Group Watch Party features. And also the process to create Netflix Watch Party via Netflix party extension on your device.   


How to Create a Netflix Group Watch Party?

In order to know how to host or create a Netflix Group Watch Party, you need to dig deep into the below steps. And these are:  

1.Install the Extension

Begin by installing the Netflix Party Extension into your device by clicking here. Remember to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser to install the extension. Apart from this, only use Mac, Chromebooks, and Windows laptops/PCs.  

2.Pin It

Once you install the Netflix Group Watch Party extension, pin it to the browser's toolbar. Further, you need to click on the "pin" icon to add the extension to the top-right corner of the screen. Suppose you did not find the Netflix Watch Party extension; then click on the puzzle icon to get the extension. 

3.Log in to your Netflix Account

Now, to log in to Netflix, use your Netflix Account to start streaming on the Netflix watch party. Also, you must own a Netflix subscription to login into your account; if you don’t have then create one first. Remember, every watch party member must own their Netflix account and subscription.  

4.Search, Play, and Pause

Afterward, search, and play; simultaneously, any videos you want to stream at your watch party and Watch Party members. Further, you can even pause your selected streaming video after a few minutes.

5.Create the Link

Next, you need to launch the extension by jumping into the browser and enabling the extension by tapping on its icon. Consequently, it will show you a "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" window. Further, it will show you a "START WATCH PARTY" button in the same window, which you need to press to create a watch party invitation link. 

6.Join In

Lastly, join the watch party by launching the invitation link; shared by your friend or the host of the Netflix party. As a result, you can begin streaming your favorite show and movies on Netflix Group Watch Party.  

Netflix Group Watch Party: Features

Here, you have the most amazing and accessible Netflix Group Watch Party features, which can levitate your streaming experience. Thus, follow the below about these features in a descriptive manner:

1.Group Chat

The group chat feature lets you communicate or be in touch with other watch party members along with streaming videos. Moreover, by using this feature, you can send & share messages and emojis to express reactions to your most awaited scenes. And here, the chat box option can help you, which you can find in the "Group Chat" function.  

2.Global Accessibility

Via the Global accessibility feature, you can access the Netflix Watch Party extension from anywhere in the world. Also, by using the VPN services, you can easily plugin to use it in all locations where it is available.

3.Control over Watch Party

Apart from creating Netflix Group Watch Party, a host can even possess controllability over it by turning “On” the "Only I Have Control" button. Now to disable the control over the watch party, turn “Off” the same button. 

4.Profile Personalization

The coolest profile personalization feature helps you to add the coolest nicknames and profile icons to your Netflix Group Watch Party profile. But remember, these changes will become visible while streaming and group chatting.

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